Google Play Store version 11.3.15


The Google LLC division launches Google Play Store 11.3.15 for Android, a new update to the Play Store application, the popular green android online store.


Owners of an Android smartphone often access the Google online store, Play Store. From there you can download all kinds of applications (free or paid), books, audiobooks, music, TV series, and much more.

oogle play store 11.3.15

And like most of the search engine giant’s services, the Play Store apps platform also has an official application that is frequently updated by Google LLC developers.

Now you can download Google Play Store 11.3.15, a recent update that comes to continue testing new features, but also to fix bugs or bugs that affect application performance.

Play Store users can update the app from their mobile device, however, the recent version 11.3.15 is still in its testing phase and only the beta version can be downloaded.

The Google Play Store 11.3.15 APK file can be downloaded for free from APK Mirror, but its installation requires that our phone be previously unlocked (or routed), otherwise, it will not be possible to install the trial version until its final version is available.

Download APK Google Play Store 11.3.15

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