Follow a Google Plus account from your RSS reader


Just as we can follow the feed of a Twitter or Facebook user, there are also RSS generators for Google Plus, the social network of the big search engine.

google plus to rss

This makes it very easy for us to follow a particular user we are interested in, through a reader such as Google Reader or similar, so that we don’t even have to enter the site, and thus avoid distractions.

Google Plus Feed helps us with this by taking the user’s profile ID (which is usually a fairly long number that comes after in the link and then generating another address that you will need to enter in your feed reader or RSS reader.

The service is completely free of charge but asks you to add a valid email address to verify that it is someone legitimate who is asking for the RSS link to be generated. We will receive an e-mail with a link that will take us to a feed that we can subscribe to.

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