Payment applications · Free for a limited time at Google’s Play Store

One of the things that many users don’t know about the Play Store or Google Play, the official app store for Android, is that Google and the developers of applications and games for Android offer free, time-limited applications on a practically daily basis, applications that from the moment you download them and add them to your private collection, but then uninstall them will remain yours forever for free for any type of Android terminal you log on to with your Google account.

Free limited-time offers on Google’s Play Store

That’s true even if you start installing an application and at the time it starts downloading you cancel the application installation.

That’s why I’ve brought you this special limited time free offer post in the Google Play Store, a post that I’ll update from time to time to remove the expired offers and add new free applications and games for a limited time.

A post that I advise you to save in favorites to go consulting the novelties as far as applications and games of payment that suddenly, without previous notice and only for a few days they happen to be totally free.

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