How do I avoid downloading malware from the Google Play Store?


The Google Play Store is the most famous app store in the entire Android universe, as it has the most easily downloadable programs on any device running this operating system.

playstore malware

However, contrary to what is believed, this market can be affected by malicious apps, full of malwares, which deceive the user and end up affecting his phone.

For that reason we wanted to contribute, helping people to avoid downloading these files, letting them know how they can easily identify them.

Lots of supply, little credibility

One of the clearest signs are those applications that promise a lot, but end up having very little credibility. This is the case of those apps that, strangely enough, can “upgrade” your phone to a more modern Android, even if your device didn’t have the support…

And just like these there are many, that’s why the saying “think wrong and you’ll get it right” is remembered. It turns out that in most cases where there is a lot of supply, the scam is present.

They can be games, tools and even skins and coins for these, which do nothing but damage our terminal.

Excess of permissions

There are applications with malwares that are easily identified by the amount of permissions they ask to operate, even coming to touch the illogical. For example, a photo editor that asks for permissions to view contacts.

Knowing what permissions you are granting is very important and to see them, you just have to give More information in the app description and then “See more application permissions”.

Here you’ll see what you’re giving up. Beware, because from there the faults begin. .

Low score and bad comments

Another key hint is the score and comments that has an application, because based on them you will know if it is a malicious app or just a bad one.

So you can also prevent an application with too much advertising, which is also recognized as a fraud, since there are applications designed only to carry ads from one side to the other.

Stay away from the already known

There are applications already known to be malicious, such as UC Browser, ES File Explorer, Dolphin Browser in addition to many free VPN that captured personal data.

In this combo enter the applications developed by Cheetah Mobile, keyboards created by unknown people and low reputation, among many other malicious apps.

Take care of your phone before it’s too late!

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