Some tricks you may not know about Google Play Store


We’ll tell you how to make the most of this application by giving it uses you never thought possible.

You get the most out of Google play

For any android user, the Google Play app store is a must. However, sometimes it can become tedious to use your search engine as there are too many options to what we need.

play store tricks

That’s why we’ve given you some tips on how to use it:

Find all apps for a given developer

If you want to get the latest updates from a developer or video game studio, in the Play Store search bar to find all the apps from that developer: pub:developer name

Search for an app by its exact name

Millions of applications are deposited on this site, many of them with similar names. So, to avoid confusion, put the exact name in quotation marks.

Explore top apps without video games

If you’re not a fan of games, you can get quite annoyed as soon as you enter the top ranks are full of new games that are coming out to Android. Another great option is to install this app called Apps – Play Store Link, which automatically opens only the applications.

Get the latest updates from Google Play Store

To do this, go to”Settings” from the side navigation panel of the Play Store; scroll down to the last option”Compilation version” and click on it until you see the message:”A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”.

Turn off automatic updating

Sometimes there may be an app that you don’t want to update automatically. To access the manual download you have to: Open the page of the app that we want that is not updated automatically, click on the icon of three vertical points in the upper right and disable the option”Update automatically”. Click here if you want to update google play store.

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