Google Play Store version 9.4.18

The Play Store mobile application digital distribution platform receives a new update, number 9.4.18. This version already records thousands of downloads but is still in the testing phase.

Download Google Play Store 9.4.18 for Android

Owners of an Android mobile device access the Google Play Store, the green android app store born out of the merger of Android Market and Google Music in 2012. For this reason, Mountain View developers are constantly working to improve the performance of this platform.

google play store 9.4.18

Play Store gives Android users a wide range of features to install, uninstall, update and manage all the apps on their smartphone or tablet, but you can also find other content such as books, audiobooks, music, movies, series and more.

The new version 9.4.18 above with the aim of further improving the performance of Play Store. Based on the flaws detected in previous updates or feedback from users, developers continue to repair problems and fix bugs that affect the operation of the online store.

Unfortunately, like many of the Play Store updates, version 9.4.18 is not yet available for direct download, but if you have an unlocked phone you can download the APK file and force it to be installed.

Download APK Google Play Store 9.4.18

Google Play Store Version 9.3.14

The Android online store, we refer to Google Play Store, updates its mobile application to version 9.3.14 which arrives to further improve the operation of the platform.

Download Google  Play Store 9.3.14 for Android

The Google development team doesn’t take a break and launches a new Play Store application update. This is version 9.3.14, still in beta phase, which comes to further improve the performance of the Android app store.

google play store 9.3.14

Over time, Play Store has become a space that offers much more than just the ability to download applications. From this platform we can download books, audiobooks, music, movies and much more. But also, from the Play Store, users of an Android phone can manage all their apps, i.e. install, uninstall, update, among other options.

On the other hand, the recent version 9.3.14 arrives to work on those changes or improvements that were made in the previous updates. However, this is a version that is in its testing phase and cannot be downloaded directly. Only those who have an unlocked device will be able to test the Play Store 9.3.14 beta.

Of course, like all updates to this app, it is free. Just download the APK file from Play Store 9.3.14 and you’re done.

Download APK Google Play Store 9.3.14

Google Play Store version 9.2.11

Changes and features of the new update:

  1. Adding the icon to the Home screen settings has been removed in some situations.
  2. A reminder message was added if automatic updates are not enabled.
  3. No more alternating to add automatically to the home screen.
  4. Subtle reminder of automatic updates.
  5. Instant applications are approaching.
  6. Play Protect: Increased visibility of the application scanner. Pre-registration “Rewards”.
  7. The display settings have been deleted in some situations. Screen applications are approaching the application scanner.

Download Google Play Store 9.2.11


Google Play Store version 9.1.24

The Google Play Store has a new update version 9.1.24, it is not necessary to wait for the OTA update you can download the version in APK and install it immediately. As expected, the latest version of Google Play Store comes with a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements and overall application stability.

On the other hand, nothing new has been discovered on the surface and, as we said earlier, these upgrades rather than bringing new features to the table only provide overall stability improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements in the Play Store application.

As always, the APK file from this new version of Google Play Store is available at the following link.

Download Google Play Store 9.1.24

Simply download the latest APK file and upload it like any other APK file. Also, make sure you have Unknown fonts enabled in your setup menu.

To install this APK file without any problems. Or, you can wait for the update pop-up window to reach your device whenever it is available in your region.

In addition, a demolition of the application should soon appear, and we will report on the same. However, feel free to investigate and if you discover something new, let us know in the comments section below and spread the word.

Some users in Asian regions may find some new peculiarities as many times as we have seen, some one-minute changes in the application in that particular region. For example, the application sizes shown next to the application icon were first detected there in India.

Google Play Store version 9.1.23

At the end of February, Google LLC launched version 9.0.15 of the Google Play Store application. But, it didn’t take long and Android users can already download the 9.1.23 update.

In fact, version 9.1.23 is a beta that is still in its testing phase. However, owners of a routed device can install the APK file of this recent version to know in advance the new features it brings.

Mountain View’s giant does not rest and is strongly committed to the development of its Play Store platform, bearing in mind that it is one of the most popular spaces for Android users, not only to download apps but also other types of content: books, audiobooks, movies, series, music, and much more, either free of charge or by paying a certain amount of money.

In addition, one of the virtues of Play Store is that it provides the ability to manage all our applications installed on our smartphone, easily and quickly.

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The recent update number 9.1.23 is released for the purpose of troubleshooting problems or bugs that have been detected since the arrival of its latest version. But also, the betas launch is used to test new functions or options in which the developers have been working.

If we have a routed Android smartphone or tablet, we can install the Google Play Store 9.1.23 beta (under our responsibility). Otherwise, you can only wait for the official update.

Download Google Play Store 9.1.23

Google Play Store version 9.0.15

The Android app store application is updated to version 9.0.15. A new version is released a few days after the last update of the Play Store platform.

Play Store is more than just a mobile application. Through the platform, the Android user can manage all apps installed on his smartphone or tablet: install, uninstall or update. In addition, it is not only possible to download apps but also music, books, audiobooks, movies, mobile games and much more.

The recent Play Store for Android 9.0.15 update aims to further improve the application’s performance. Developers fix bugs and problems detected but also reported by the user community.

Unfortunately, this latest version is still in the testing phase, which means that it cannot be updated directly from our mobile device. But we can download the APK file from Google Play Store 9.0.15 and force its installation if our phone is routed.

The Play Store application continues to evolve and will continue to grow over time, especially as it is an app that is frequently updated.

Download APK Google Play Store 9.0.15

Google Play Store Version 8.9.23

The new “My notifications” tab appears spontaneously: Google is progressively activating it for all users. It is independent of the store version and is server-side enabled. It’s not a noticeable change, but it does mean more comfort and information.

Changes in Google Play: new “My notifications” tab and update

On the other hand, the update of Google Play is circulating that incorporates major changes in the treatment of facilities and their packages. It’s not something the user will notice, at least not directly: version 8.9 points to lower download consumption while allowing developers to deploy “partial applications”.

The drawbacks of buying applications at the Google Play Store

As detailed in Android Police,”Apk modular” files are introduced in the latest version of Google Play Store. There are not many explanations about this change in the code, but it probably implies the possibility of downloading games in parts or chapters, for example. Or divide the apps by functionalities and let the user automatically download the new modules when purchasing them. You shouldn’t take up all the space of an app when it’s not going to be fully used either.

Another change aimed at saving data is the downloading of applications using P2P protocols. It is also not too clear how it works, although it could mean some kind of network between users so that we can install the applications without having to connect to the Internet, just by proximity. Security will have to be more extreme, so it may be a change in the future.

The next new feature introduced in version 8.9 of Google Play is that we can see when users have edited an app rating in the store. This way we will appreciate the evolution of the app and the answers it has received from the developer, which would give us more or less credibility for the installation.

The new “My Notifications” tab will appear on your Google Play sooner or later. It will also be upgraded to version 8.9, but you can force it:

Download Google Play Store 8.9.23

It’s a secure file.


Google Play Store Version 8.3.41

The Play Store app is always in the center of the scene, particularly due to its constant updates by the developer team of the Mountain View giant.

The Android app store is frequented by thousands of users every day and Google, aware of this reality, intends to continue optimizing the official app through its different betas where it tests the changes and new features that are incorporated.

The Google Play Store app makes it easy for the user to link to the app store via his or her smartphone, especially because it offers a range of features that allow us not only to quickly find what we are looking for within the Play Store, but also because it gives us the option of managing all our installed applications.

In the case of version 8.3.41, this would be an update to further optimize various aspects of the Play Store app and to fix bugs detected by the development team.

Those of you who have a free phone and like to try out the new features that are integrating different applications before releasing their final version, can download the APK from Google Play Store 8.3.41 and install the beta on your Android device.

The Android online store application is updated frequently. The different versions incorporate improvements that increase the performance of this app used by users.

Download APK Google Play Store 8.3.41