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Do you know what Google Play Protect is? Downloading Android apps only from the Google Play Store is probably the best way to avoid viruses, malware and problems.

But since this does not ensure you get rid of being infected, Google’s Play Protect can give your mobile additional protection.

google play protect

Google Play Protect app, a different antivirus and antimalware

What is Google Play Protect?

A problem that we usually find in Android antiviruses is that they are usually quite intrusive. So that they end up being so annoying that we don’t want to install one on our Android mobile or tablet.

But Google Play Protect is completely different. It is a software that will be limited to analyzing the apps that you download from the Google Play Store. So that when you proceed to install them on your phone, you can have absolute peace of mind that they are not going to bring viruses or malware, with less than good intentions.

However, the rest of the time you will not need to be aware of the analysis of your Android mobile that will prevent you from using it normally. Therefore, you will still need to be careful when opening emails or downloading files from the Internet.

And it is that this antivirus is especially focused on downloading applications, and not on other uses. According to Google data, they analyze 50,000 million apps from their application store every day.

It is not that there are so many apps in the Play Store, but there are hundreds of millions of users downloading those apps.

How Google Play Protect app works

Even if you have Play Store Protect installed on your smartphone, you will hardly notice it. And it is simply that, at the moment you download an application, you will see how a notification appears in which you will be informed that no problem has been found. So you can proceed to download without further delay.

If any of the applications you are trying to download has a virus or malware , the same message will show you the problems that its installation can cause. If you still want to take the risk, you can do it without problems. But from Google you will be told that it is preferable that you do not do it, to avoid risks.

How to download Google Play Protect

To have this antivirus and anti malware from Google, you will not have to install anything, but it will arrive on your mobile phone in updates from the Google Play Store. Even at this point. you should already have it installed, even if you don’t know it.

The process in which this update reaches Android mobiles is random, so it can arrive just when you set up your new mobile or in a few weeks. But the normal thing is that all Android phones and tablets have the antivirus almost natively.

If you are one of those who do not know anything about Google Play Protect, we invite you to tell us about your experience in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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