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Just a few years ago, it was completely unimaginable that through something as small as a mobile phone, we could carry out the large amount of operations that we can perform today, through which we can contact anyone around the world, as well as take a photograph and share it immediately with our friends, or search for any information we need instantly.

download google play store

However, sometimes we are not fully aware of the great weight that applications such as Play Store have had in the evolution of mobile technology, which has helped users to find a lot of applications and utilities quickly and easily, opening a new universe of possibilities associated with portable gadgets.

Today we want to talk to you about how to download Play Store for mobile, a service that has become something completely essential for Android users, since it is the main power supply of this operating system, through which we can get all its extensive catalogue of applications and games.

However, there are different options by which we can not find Play Store directly pre-installed on our device, such as when we roote our handset, or buy a mobile phone or tablet manufactured in China. Two options that don’t have an official Play Store, but we can complement them by installing this Market of applications. How? very simple, as you just have to follow the following tutorial to find out how to download Play Store for Smartphone.

Install Play Store for free mobile phone

We started the installation of Play Store on our mobile phone with a simple check of our version of Android, for which we have to enter the menu options of our Android, click on Settings, and finally on the last tab that will appear: About this phone.

Download latest version of Google Play Store

Google Play Store version 39.5.19

4.2 (58) Pioneering and ground-breaking is synonymous with Google. With the latest Google Play Store Version 39.5.19, we’re taking the technology several notches higher by weaving in state-of-the-art features and improvements for an enriched user experience. An In-depth Look into the Google Play Store 39.5.19 Update Let’s Set Up Google Play Store! First and foremost, let’s ensure Google Play Store,…

Once here, we can check which version of Android has our device, and we have to make sure that it is the same or higher than Android 2.3, because if we have a lower version, we will not be able to install Play Store for mobile, but we will have to choose Android Market; A multimedia platform exactly like Play Store, but in this case it is a primitive version that will also offer us access to all the applications published and the one that we can install following exactly the steps of this tutorial.

After that, we just have to do a Google search to find the latest version of Play Store available, which we will download in an apk file format.

Download Play Store for mobile

We have two different options: do it from our computer, or through our phone or tablet explorer; it doesn’t matter how we do it, because both ways work the same way.

Once we have the apk in the memory of our Android device, we will only need a file browser to start the Play Store for mobile installation.

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