Google Play Store version 10.6.08


Again, Google LLC launches a new version of the Google Play Store application for Android, just a few days away from Play Store 10.5.10


The Play Store platform app is constantly being updated through the different versions that the developers of the giant search engine frequently launch.

google play store 10.6.08

This time, it’s version 10.6.08 that comes to further optimize the operation of the Android apps online store. Play Store is a space visited by thousands of users daily not only to download apps but also movies, series, books, audiobooks and much more.

In particular, Play Store 10.6.08 aims to solve errors or malfunctions detected in the previous update. In addition, developers continue to test new features that are likely to come with or without the final version.

At the moment, Play Store 10.6.08 is only available in beta phase, therefore, those who have an unlocked (routed) smartphone can download this recent update, or rather, the APK file from it, and force its installation.

Of course, it is advisable to be aware of the constant versions that Google LLC is releasing because each new version is accompanied by changes, major or minor, but changes at last.

Download Google Play Store 10.6.08

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