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The mobile technology that we can enjoy today is something we could only dream of a few decades ago, communication options that seemed to be taken from science fiction become a reality throughout our era to allow a global flow of information that travels at full speed across the globe and communicates to people in just a few seconds.

download google play store

Mobile devices have become an essential part of everyday life, as there are a multitude of applications through which we can make a lot of options, such as browsers, instant messaging apps, games, or file browsers. However, among all these applications that we can use day after day, there is one of vital importance that is absolutely necessary, since it is the responsible that provides us with each and every one of the apps that we need daily: Play Store.

The fact is that Google Play Store as such has become something that goes far beyond a simple multimedia platform or mobile applications marketplace, since through its more than seven million applications, this portal has managed to become a complete library of material where we can find from classic literature books, billboard movies, or complete discographies of our artists and favorite groups.

In short, Play Store has become one of the greatest sources of leisure in the modern age, a platform where we can invest a lot of hours without even realizing it.

Precisely because of the vitality of its presence in our portable gadgets, throughout this article today we want to offer you a complete tutorial with which we can learn how to download and install Play Store in our portable devices, and above all, in our tablets.

Install Play Store for tablet

We started this tutorial with an essential step: download the corresponding apk file to our computer with the latest version of Play Store for tablet that we can find on the market. This action can also be done through the browser integrated in our tablet, in a faster and more direct way because we will save you having to connect the tablet to your computer to copy and paste the Play Store apk file.

Download APK Google Play Store for tablet

Once, following either of the two alternatives above, we have Google Play’s apk file in our tablet, we will have to find it through the file explorer, although the most common path is to find the apk directly in our tablet’s download folder. It is worth mentioning that before proceeding to the installation, we must have previously activated the option of “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources” which can be found in Settings, directly in the tab Security, because if we do not activate this feature will not be able to proceed to the installation of Google Play on our tablet.

Finally, we just have to click on the apk icon and the installation of Play Store for tablet will start, just like any other application leaving us in a matter of seconds ready and prepared to enjoy all the applications of this great multimedia market.

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