Google Play Store version 11.4.16


The Google LLC division continues to work on the optimization of Google’s online application store. We are talking about Play Store which now receives a new update, number 11.4.16.


Like the Apple Store, the Play Store platform has a mobile application compatible with most Android smartphones from which users can download a wide range of content, from applications to books, audiobooks, music, movies, TV shows and more.

google play store 11.4.16

In addition to the free content, in Play Store we can find paid applications, but the most interesting thing of all is that the user has a lapse of time to return those apps that have not been liked, among other options.

As usual, the Play Store application receives frequent updates, most of them in beta phase which, once they have passed their testing stage, are officially released. This time, version 11.4.16 of the Google Play Store app is now available and aims to continue improving the operation of this application.

Play Store 11.4.16 comes not only to fix bugs but also to keep trying new features. Therefore, those who own a mobile device can now download the APK from this recent update and force its installation.

Download APK Google Play Store 11.4.16

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