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Today, the Android operating system has become so popular with mobile users that it requires virtually no presentation at all, and thanks to Google’s great work with its Play Store multimedia platform, this mobile operating system has been able to offer its users a lot of options when it comes to downloading content directly to their mobile devices, be it applications, games, songs, books and even movies.

download google play store

The popularity of this mobile apps market has managed to surpass any expectation, and is that we just need to take a look at the figures that manages Play Store to realize its magnitude: During the last month of July 2013, it was announced that this multimedia platform had managed to surpass the million applications available, with more than fifty billion downloads of these by its users.

From this overwhelming amount of apps and downloads we can translate the importance that mobile telephony has at present, illustrating perfectly the way in which mobile technology has managed to integrate into today’s society, where we can practically be communicated with any part of the world in a matter of seconds, or look for that information that we need so much at any time and anywhere.

Does this mean, however, that the Google Play experience remains an exclusivity only available to mobile users? Of course not, and there are different options to enjoy the large amount of applications to download in Play Store directly on our computers.

How to install Play Store for PC

Next we’ll show you a quick and easy way through which you can install and download Play Store directly on your computers, for which you only have to follow the steps of the following tutorial:

  1. First of all, we have to get an emulator of the Android operating system for our computer, something for which we can find many options today, among which we stand out for its fluidity and stability to BlueStacks.
  2. We access the official website of this emulator, and download its installer (which weighs only about 10 MB), after which, we will install it like any other program directly on the hard disk of our PC.
  3. Once we have it installed on our computer, we will only have to open it like any other program, and that’s it!, we can enjoy the full range of content to download Play Store directly on the screen of our PC, including all those games exclusive to Android to which we can play directly on large screen through our keyboard and mouse, who will act in the same way as the touch controls that offer us the screens of our portable devices.

Download Play Store APK free

In addition, downloading applications through Blue Stacks is as simple as downloading them directly to our terminal, since the same emulator incorporates a direct download service through which we can navigate through the most popular games and apps to choose all those that interest us for our personal use.

Google Play Store version 41.5.29

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