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The Google Play Store has a new update version 9.1.24, it is not necessary to wait for the OTA update you can download the version in APK and install it immediately. As expected, the latest version of Google Play Store comes with a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements and overall application stability.

On the other hand, nothing new has been discovered on the surface and, as we said earlier, these upgrades rather than bringing new features to the table only provide overall stability improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements in the Play Store application.

As always, the APK file from this new version of Google Play Store is available at the following link.

Download Google Play Store 9.1.24

Simply download the latest APK file and upload it like any other APK file. Also, make sure you have Unknown fonts enabled in your setup menu.

To install this APK file without any problems. Or, you can wait for the update pop-up window to reach your device whenever it is available in your region.

In addition, a demolition of the application should soon appear, and we will report on the same. However, feel free to investigate and if you discover something new, let us know in the comments section below and spread the word.

Some users in Asian regions may find some new peculiarities as many times as we have seen, some one-minute changes in the application in that particular region. For example, the application sizes shown next to the application icon were first detected there in India.

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