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Audiobooks are on their way to Google Play Books, and you can listen to them in Android Auto

After several months of waiting, it was evident after the last leak that Google Play’s audiobooks were finally around the corner, and so it has been. The search engine company just confirmed it.

As of today, audiobooks are beginning to arrive at Google Play Store that people who are lazy or can’t read at that moment can listen to the narration of a real person, and not by voice synthesis, their great selection of books. Some books are narrated by their authors.

Audiobooks are available in 45 countries around the world, including most European countries (including Spain), the Americas (north to south), Australia, New Zealand, India and a selection of Asian countries. These audiobooks will be available in a total of nine languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Polish.

All available audiobooks can be found in the new Audiolibros section of Google Play. Google reports that there are thousands of audiobooks available in a variety of genres, from children’s stories, novels, history books, art books to self-help books.

You do not need to subscribe to any service to listen to the audiobooks. They will be on sale at an affordable price according to Google. Before buying the audiobook we can listen to a preview to see if we like the voice of the narrator before paying.

We will be able to enjoy Google audiobooks on Android, iOS and our computer through Google Play Books. We can also ask the Google Assistant to play an audiobook narration on our mobile device, Google Home or compatible speakerphone or soon to be on Android Auto, to drive and listen to our favorite book.

A player will allow us to advance, reverse and pause the audiobook playback. In addition, we can change the speed of the narration and set a timer to turn off the audiobook.

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