Google Play Store version 19.1.58


The online store of applications returns with a new update, we already have available for download the version of Play Store 19.1.58, in which it improves notably to the old one and at the same time improving also the reviews that the users left in the forum.

google play store 19.1.58

It continues in the line of easy use of the application, although renewing some functions that had fallen into disuse. As I say this update is already enabled in the application store, download it and you will notice the changes in quality and faster operation of the application.

Download Google Play Store 19.1.58 for Android

Android developers are continuously looking for new solutions to the small bugs they find in their way, keeping the line to make the features as useful as possible and improve other methods within the app.

The programmers who configure the versions of Android in each update, maintain a good perception in any of the smart devices, so their additions make a difference and keep the speed as part of the functionality in all its tools.

Don’t wait any longer and download the latest 19.1.58 update from the official Play Store website, keep your phone updated and enjoy all the applications you will find on this virtual site.

Download APK Google Play Store 19.1.58

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