Google Play Store version 18.9.11


We’re continuing with updates from the Google Play Store, which are arriving more and more frequently on our Android devices.

google play store 18.9.11

Through this simple application we can manage all the apps from the official Google store and recently the latest version of Play Store is arriving to the devices

Download Google Play Store 18.9.11 for Android

Recently we saw how Google increased the security of Android devices with the new security system called Google Play Protect. It seems that lately Google is focusing its efforts on increasing the security of Play Store, as some applications manage to evade Google’s security filters and infect users.

This new version of Play Store does not incorporate any major new features, as it is a maintenance update. Even so, it’s good to know the latest news included in the application of the official Android store so that they don’t take us by surprise.

Download APK Google Play Store 18.9.11

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