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Finally, the new Family Library option has been launched today in Google’s Play Store, with features to share all your apps, movies, TV series and much larger and more extensive books. With a little pre-preparation, all of your Google Play Store purchases can now be made available through any device in your home.

google play-family library

When you log into the Family Library, you will be asked to enter a credit card number to cover any purchases your family may make, but the family administrator’s account will be able to approve purchases made by other family members or give them permission to use their credit card or gift cards.

Each family member can mark which products will be shared with the common library, or which products will be kept only on their own device. While all Google Play apps and multimedia files will sync with all of your family’s Android devices, only books, TV series, and movies will be available to iOS users.

Google Play Music is independent of this service

What does this mean? That you can’t synchronize a copy of Monument Valley, for example, from an Android device to your family member’s iPhone device. The service has been available since yesterday for all users, although some may not yet be available. Therefore, a period of 48 hours must be given if it is not immediately displayed.

It is also worth noting that the Family Library is a completely independent service from Google Play Music’s family plan, which the company launched last December. In that case, the subscriptions will not change, so it will have nothing to do with each other. The prices of Google Play Music are maintained, and to use the Family Library you don’t have to pay anything, just enter the necessary bank details that we have mentioned.

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