Google Play Store version 9.2.11


Changes and features of the new update:

  1. Adding the icon to the Home screen settings has been removed in some situations.
  2. A reminder message was added if automatic updates are not enabled.
  3. No more alternating to add automatically to the home screen.
  4. Subtle reminder of automatic updates.
  5. Instant applications are approaching.
  6. Play Protect: Increased visibility of the application scanner. Pre-registration “Rewards”.
  7. The display settings have been deleted in some situations. Screen applications are approaching the application scanner.

Download Google Play Store 9.2.11


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2 thoughts on “Google Play Store version 9.2.11”

  1. My smart phone can’t download nothing on google like play store app and play store services etc can you please tell me what number of play store I can download it has 5.1.1.

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