Google Play Store Version 8.9.23


The new “My notifications” tab appears spontaneously: Google is progressively activating it for all users. It is independent of the store version and is server-side enabled. It’s not a noticeable change, but it does mean more comfort and information.

Changes in Google Play: new “My notifications” tab and update

On the other hand, the update of Google Play is circulating that incorporates major changes in the treatment of facilities and their packages. It’s not something the user will notice, at least not directly: version 8.9 points to lower download consumption while allowing developers to deploy “partial applications”.

The drawbacks of buying applications at the Google Play Store

As detailed in Android Police,”Apk modular” files are introduced in the latest version of Google Play Store. There are not many explanations about this change in the code, but it probably implies the possibility of downloading games in parts or chapters, for example. Or divide the apps by functionalities and let the user automatically download the new modules when purchasing them. You shouldn’t take up all the space of an app when it’s not going to be fully used either.

Another change aimed at saving data is the downloading of applications using P2P protocols. It is also not too clear how it works, although it could mean some kind of network between users so that we can install the applications without having to connect to the Internet, just by proximity. Security will have to be more extreme, so it may be a change in the future.

The next new feature introduced in version 8.9 of Google Play is that we can see when users have edited an app rating in the store. This way we will appreciate the evolution of the app and the answers it has received from the developer, which would give us more or less credibility for the installation.

The new “My Notifications” tab will appear on your Google Play sooner or later. It will also be upgraded to version 8.9, but you can force it:

Download Google Play Store 8.9.23

It’s a secure file.


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