Google Play Store version 38.1.18


At Google, we strive for continual improvement to make your journey with us exciting and fulfilling. In line with this mission, we present to you Google Play Store Version 38.1.18.

google play store version 38.1.18

Here’s what V38.1.18 brings to the table

This new update is aimed at making your experiences bigger, better, and more customized. It’s a whole new level of excellence for our loyal users.

Revitalized UI

The new Google Play Store version signals a shift in our UI design. The 38.1.18 version sports a cleaner, sharper look that redefines user experience. It’s all about intuitive navigation and visually pleasing aesthetics.

Smarter App Sorting System

Discovering new apps and finding your tried-and-true favorites is now easier than ever. We’re introducing a revolutionary app sorting system to bring you applications that perfectly match your expectations, and do so swiftly. It’s all about being as helpful as we can be.

Optimized Performance for an Enhanced Experience

This new update assures the best performance we’ve ever delivered. The 38.1.18. version promises quicker load times and unnoticeable background updates, making app interactions smoother than ever.

Boosted Security

Security is at the core of Google services, and the same holds for Play Store. We’re introducing heightened security measures with the latest update. With 38.1.18, you can confidently explore a myriad of applications knowing you’re protected.

Increased Accessibility features

With the latest update, we aim to make the Play Store even more accessible. The new update includes features that aid individuals with visual impairments, ensuring an optimal experience for all users.

Getting Started with Google Play Store 38.1.18

Ready for an upgraded Google Play Store journey? It’s simple to get onboard. Autoupdates will soon bring the new version to your devices, but if you’re as excited as we are with the new features, the updated version is available for you to download here.

  • Minimum Android Version: 10 or higher
  • File: APK
  • File Size: 55.16 MB
  • Current Version: 38.1.18

Download Google Play Store 38.1.18

Should you encounter any doubts or hesitations while dealing with the installation process of the Google Play Store, we highly recommend that you carefully read through our detailed manual. This guide provides a thorough analysis and clear, step-by-step instructions to help you effortlessly complete the task.

Manual: A systematic approach to installing the Google Play Store on your mobile device.

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  1. I want to download play store on my tab for chrome update but it is not working … help me please what I do now ?

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