Google Play Store version 29.1.11


At the end of February, Google LLC released version 29.1.11 of the Google Play Store app. But it didn’t take long for Android users to download the 29.1.11 update. In fact, version 29.1.11 is a beta and is still in beta. However, routing device owners can install this latest version of the APK file to experience the new features early.

google play store version 29.1.11

The Mountain View giant isn’t taking a break and is heavily involved in the development of its Play Store platform, as it’s one of the most popular places for Android users to download apps and other types of content: books, audiobooks, movies, series, Music and more, either for free or by paying a certain amount of money. Also, one of the advantages of the Play Store is that it makes it easy and fast to manage all the apps we have installed on our smartphones.

Download Google Play Store 29.1.11

You might be interested in: Reply, Google’s latest app for generating Smart Replies. The latest update number 29.1.11 has been released to fix issues or bugs discovered since the latest version was released. But beta releases are also used to test new features or options that developers have been working on. If we have a routed Android smartphone or tablet, we can install the Google Play Store 29.1.11. Otherwise, all you can do is wait for the official update.

Download Google Play Store 29.1.11

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