Google Play Store version 11.9.14


The official Play Store application is updated to version 11.9.14. Although it is still in the testing phase, this update is above to further improve the operation of Google’s online store on mobile devices.


Most Google services have an application that’s compatible with any mobile device. Play Store is an example of this. Its official app works on any Android smartphone or tablet and is frequently updated through different versions that are seeing the light over the months.

download google play 11.9.14

Version 11.9.14 aims to fix many bugs that both developers and the user community have identified since the last update. In addition, we continue testing new features that will soon be available in the final version.

Since this is a beta version, it is still not possible to download Google Play Store 11.9.14 directly to our smartphone or tablet. But those who have a root or released version of Android can force the installation of the Google Play Store 11.9.14 by downloading the APK file.

So, you can now have the latest version of Play Store and try all the new features it offers.

Download APK Google Play Store 11.9.14

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  1. am having a problem with a Google play store and I don’t know what course of it,and my phone is not working well.We should do some about it quickly.

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