google plus to rss

Follow a Google Plus account from your RSS reader

Just as we can follow the feed of a Twitter or Facebook user, there are also RSS generators for Google Plus, the social network of the big search engine.

google plus to rss

This makes it very easy for us to follow a particular user we are interested in, through a reader such as Google Reader or similar, so that we don’t even have to enter the site, and thus avoid distractions.

Google Plus Feed helps us with this by taking the user’s profile ID (which is usually a fairly long number that comes after in the link and then generating another address that you will need to enter in your feed reader or RSS reader.

The service is completely free of charge but asks you to add a valid email address to verify that it is someone legitimate who is asking for the RSS link to be generated. We will receive an e-mail with a link that will take us to a feed that we can subscribe to.

play store tricks

Some tricks you may not know about Google Play Store

We’ll tell you how to make the most of this application by giving it uses you never thought possible.

You get the most out of Google play

For any android user, the Google Play app store is a must. However, sometimes it can become tedious to use your search engine as there are too many options to what we need.

play store tricks

That’s why we’ve given you some tips on how to use it:

Find all apps for a given developer

If you want to get the latest updates from a developer or video game studio, in the Play Store search bar to find all the apps from that developer: pub:developer name

Search for an app by its exact name

Millions of applications are deposited on this site, many of them with similar names. So, to avoid confusion, put the exact name in quotation marks.

Explore top apps without video games

If you’re not a fan of games, you can get quite annoyed as soon as you enter the top ranks are full of new games that are coming out to Android. Another great option is to install this app called Apps – Play Store Link, which automatically opens only the applications.

Get the latest updates from Google Play Store

To do this, go to”Settings” from the side navigation panel of the Play Store; scroll down to the last option”Compilation version” and click on it until you see the message:”A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”.

Turn off automatic updating

Sometimes there may be an app that you don’t want to update automatically. To access the manual download you have to: Open the page of the app that we want that is not updated automatically, click on the icon of three vertical points in the upper right and disable the option”Update automatically”. Click here if you want to update google play store.

Payment applications · Free for a limited time at Google’s Play Store

One of the things that many users don’t know about the Play Store or Google Play, the official app store for Android, is that Google and the developers of applications and games for Android offer free, time-limited applications on a practically daily basis, applications that from the moment you download them and add them to your private collection, but then uninstall them will remain yours forever for free for any type of Android terminal you log on to with your Google account.

Free limited-time offers on Google’s Play Store

That’s true even if you start installing an application and at the time it starts downloading you cancel the application installation.

That’s why I’ve brought you this special limited time free offer post in the Google Play Store, a post that I’ll update from time to time to remove the expired offers and add new free applications and games for a limited time.

A post that I advise you to save in favorites to go consulting the novelties as far as applications and games of payment that suddenly, without previous notice and only for a few days they happen to be totally free.

google play books

Audiobooks arrive at Google Play Store


google play books

Audiobooks are on their way to Google Play Books, and you can listen to them in Android Auto

After several months of waiting, it was evident after the last leak that Google Play’s audiobooks were finally around the corner, and so it has been. The search engine company just confirmed it.

As of today, audiobooks are beginning to arrive at Google Play Store that people who are lazy or can’t read at that moment can listen to the narration of a real person, and not by voice synthesis, their great selection of books. Some books are narrated by their authors.

Audiobooks are available in 45 countries around the world, including most European countries (including Spain), the Americas (north to south), Australia, New Zealand, India and a selection of Asian countries. These audiobooks will be available in a total of nine languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Polish.

All available audiobooks can be found in the new Audiolibros section of Google Play. Google reports that there are thousands of audiobooks available in a variety of genres, from children’s stories, novels, history books, art books to self-help books.

You do not need to subscribe to any service to listen to the audiobooks. They will be on sale at an affordable price according to Google. Before buying the audiobook we can listen to a preview to see if we like the voice of the narrator before paying.

We will be able to enjoy Google audiobooks on Android, iOS and our computer through Google Play Books. We can also ask the Google Assistant to play an audiobook narration on our mobile device, Google Home or compatible speakerphone or soon to be on Android Auto, to drive and listen to our favorite book.

A player will allow us to advance, reverse and pause the audiobook playback. In addition, we can change the speed of the narration and set a timer to turn off the audiobook.


How to free up space with the new Play Store feature

Files Go is not the only Google application that will help us free up space on our Android tablet or mobile phone. Now the Play Store will also help us to have more free space when it detects that we are running out of storage.

For more than a year Google Play Store has been warning us that there is not enough space if we do not have storage to install or update an application, but since the new version 8.7.10 (APK) now warns us of this problem directly from the section My applications and games. You don’t wait for us to download an application.

Free space with Google Play Store

When our Android device is running out of space we’ll see how Play Store > My apps and games will see a new card that tells us we have little storage space, recommending uninstalling applications we no longer need to free space.

Clicking on Release space will show us a list of all the applications we have used, sorted by date of last use so that we can see more clearly what applications we have been using for a long time.

To free up space we only have to select the applications that we no longer want installed, click on “Continue” and then on “Delete” to confirm that we want to delete those applications.

Google Adds Family Library to Play Store

Finally, the new Family Library option has been launched today in Google’s Play Store, with features to share all your apps, movies, TV series and much larger and more extensive books. With a little pre-preparation, all of your Google Play Store purchases can now be made available through any device in your home.

When you log into the Family Library, you will be asked to enter a credit card number to cover any purchases your family may make, but the family administrator’s account will be able to approve purchases made by other family members or give them permission to use their credit card or gift cards.

Each family member can mark which products will be shared with the common library, or which products will be kept only on their own device. While all Google Play apps and multimedia files will sync with all of your family’s Android devices, only books, TV series, and movies will be available to iOS users.

Google Play Music is independent of this service

What does this mean? That you can’t synchronize a copy of Monument Valley, for example, from an Android device to your family member’s iPhone device. The service has been available since yesterday for all users, although some may not yet be available. Therefore, a period of 48 hours must be given if it is not immediately displayed.

It is also worth noting that the Family Library is a completely independent service from Google Play Music’s family plan, which the company launched last December. In that case, the subscriptions will not change, so it will have nothing to do with each other. The prices of Google Play Music are maintained, and to use the Family Library you don’t have to pay anything, just enter the necessary bank details that we have mentioned.