How to free up space with the new Play Store feature

Files Go is not the only Google application that will help us free up space on our Android tablet or mobile phone. Now the Play Store will also help us to have more free space when it detects that we are running out of storage.

For more than a year Google Play Store has been warning us that there is not enough space if we do not have storage to install or update an application, but since the new version 8.7.10 (APK) now warns us of this problem directly from the section My applications and games. You don’t wait for us to download an application.

Free space with Google Play Store

When our Android device is running out of space we’ll see how Play Store > My apps and games will see a new card that tells us we have little storage space, recommending uninstalling applications we no longer need to free space.

Clicking on Release space will show us a list of all the applications we have used, sorted by date of last use so that we can see more clearly what applications we have been using for a long time.

To free up space we only have to select the applications that we no longer want installed, click on “Continue” and then on “Delete” to confirm that we want to delete those applications.

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