Google Play Store version 9.4.18


The Play Store mobile application digital distribution platform receives a new update, number 9.4.18. This version already records thousands of downloads but is still in the testing phase.

Download Google Play Store 9.4.18 for Android

Owners of an Android mobile device access the Google Play Store, the green android app store born out of the merger of Android Market and Google Music in 2012. For this reason, Mountain View developers are constantly working to improve the performance of this platform.

google play store 9.4.18

Play Store gives Android users a wide range of features to install, uninstall, update and manage all the apps on their smartphone or tablet, but you can also find other content such as books, audiobooks, music, movies, series and more.

The new version 9.4.18 above with the aim of further improving the performance of Play Store. Based on the flaws detected in previous updates or feedback from users, developers continue to repair problems and fix bugs that affect the operation of the online store.

Unfortunately, like many of the Play Store updates, version 9.4.18 is not yet available for direct download, but if you have an unlocked phone you can download the APK file and force it to be installed.

Download APK Google Play Store 9.4.18

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