Google Play Store version 14.0.33


The Google Play Store is an app store where you can find any variety of easily downloadable and installable programs on any of the devices that run the Android operating system, i.e. phones, tablets, TVs and even clocks.

google play 14.0.33

Download Google Play Store 14.0.33 for Android

This application is usually updated in the background because it is an app that comes pre-installed, usually on all devices. However, it can be updated manually, installing the variables in APK format that Google provides to guarantee and quality distributors, like us.

Its most recent version is Google Play Store 14.0.33, which has a series of changes and corrections in bugs and errors present in previous variables and that users have already faced. In addition, the design of materials is added and optimized, as well as the details page and a better elaborated interface is given to show the news, activity data, apps support, fingerprint readers and the uninstallation administrator, in a more pleasant way.

In this new variable we will also notice a greater amount of Material Design elements compared to previous versions, achieving in this way that apps such as Google Play Newsstand, Gmail or Google+ get a much more modern and updated design.

There is also a slight change in the icon of the app, which will have a new and flat appearance, obviously keeping the synchrony with Material Design, so that everything is in line with the modernization of the app.

Improvements in stability and performance are also reported, with special emphasis on aspects such as the start of the app and the recognition of changes in common animations, such as the menu or icons within the market.

Novelties were moved to the top and are highlighted in green in a striking way, allowing them to be seen prominently among the lists of apps that are displayed in Play Store.

The Widget Suggestion icons also changed to keep the design flat. This is part of Google’s quest to change the notification icon in the status bar. The company thinks of everything and its thoroughness is what it likes so much.

We invite you to install right now Google Play Store 14.0.33 and enjoy everything that has this important application, which always seeks to give you only the best when you are ready to install any program on your smart device.

Download APK Google Play Store 14.0.33

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